LampaDani is an arts and crafts workshop specializing in ironwork. It is located in Pistoia (Tuscany) and was founded in 2007. It offers unique lighting and décor solutions. Items are rigorously handmade, which allows a customization of shapes, dimensions and colours for both lighting and other creations: beds, tables, chairs, mirrors, benches, umbrella stands, coat stands, railings, shop signs etc. The workshop has an adjoining showroom, an enchanting space in which you can experience the magic of our creations.


Each and every one of our creations is a result of our constant quest for harmony in shapes and lines.
The creation process involves the use of the five elements: Metal, Fire, Wood, Water and Air.

  • Metal. We use ductile iron. This iron has a low percentage of carbon and is infinitely versatile. It has, in fact, been known and used by mankind since 1200 BC. We work the metal and shape it to our desire. It is during this initial stage that the “intention” is defined. This is the soul of the object, the artist’s signature.
  • Fire. Fire allows us to forge a single body for our creation. We weld and join details to create a whole. It also allows us to model and perfect our creation’s shape.
  • Wood. The third stage involves wood, in the form of paper. We use paper born of the bark of the mulberry tree. In Italy, until the end of the 1940s, the leaves of this tree were used to feed silkworms, hence the name “silk paper”. We apply the paper to the bones of our structures, shaping it to compliment the varnished rust-proof body. We then vitrify it.
  • Water. Water is the main component of the resins we use to vitrify our silk paper. They impregnate the paper and make it smooth and glossy and more consistent.
  • Air. During the final stage, air is necessary to completely dry the resins for the surface to become washable with a slightly humid sponge or cloth. This completes the process and the journey through the five elements behind one of LampaDani’s creations.