Lotuses, floor lamp.

Lotus flowers, floor lamp.

Lotuses, floor lamp.

Tiny lotuses, floor lamp.

Flower of Rose, floor lamp.

Flower of “Tuli”, floor lamp.

Lotuses floor lamp.

Lotuses with pot, floor lamp.

Floor lamp of flower buds.

Floor lamp of flower buds.

Flower Buds, floor lamp.

Curved flower bud, floor lamp.

Chromated lotuses, floor lamp.

Flower bud, floor lamp.

Sunflower, floor lamp.

Lotus floor lamp.

Luma flower, floor lamp.

Luma, floor lamp with two flowers.

Big flower bud, table lamp.

Classic, table lamp.

Moth, table lamp.

curved flower, table lamp.

Leaf, table lamp.

Sunflower, table lamp.

Lotus, table lamp.

Lotus flower, table lamp.

Luma flower curved, table lamp.

Pendant leaves, table lamp.

Branch with butterflies, table lamp.

Profile with hat, table lamp.

The LampaDani’s magnetic creatures: ladybug magnet.

The LampaDani’s magnetic creatures: butterfly with magnet.

The LampaDani’s magnetic creatures: Dragonflies with magnet.

Branch with lotuses, frame and wall lamp mirror.

Portal, wall mirror with bright flowers.

Mirror with orange flowers

Roses flowers, mirror.

Green LampaKitty, table lamp.

Cats in love, table lamp.

Kitty on the moon, table lamp.

Lotus flower creeper, wall lamp.

Branch with lotuses, wall lamp.

Creeper with roses flower. Decoration and wall lamp for mirror.

“Cocoons”, ceiling lamp.

Blossomed creeper, wall and ceiling lamp.

Lotus on branch, ceiling lamp.

Three “Luma” flowers on branch, wall lamp.

Rose garden trellis, wall lamp.

Lotus Creeper, Wall lamp.

Tree, table lamp.

Table lamp, blue winter cherry.

Table lamp, red Winter Cherry.

Amilcare, Table lamp owl shaped.

Arturo, Table lamp owl shaped.

Astolfo, table lamp owl shaped.

Table lamp, curved little bud.

Table lamp, Blossom flower.

Clara and Maciste, pair of owls with key hooks for wall.

Fiorella, table lamp owl shaped .

Gesilao, table lamp owl shaped .

Gilda, table lamp owl shaped .

Owls asleep, pair of table lamps in the shape of an owl.

In love owls, pair of owls with key hooks for wall.

LampaDrago in the clouds, wall lamps.

Matilde, table lamp in the shape of an owl.

Cat on the heart, table lamp.

Zigo Zago, pair of owls with key hooks for wall.

Floor lamp with two Tuli flowers.

Floor lamp with three roses flowers.

Tree of light, floor lamp.

Tree, floor lamp and folding screen.

Tree, floor lamp.

Floor lamp with flower bud.

Floor lamp with flower bud.

Applique with two lotus flowers.

Lotus flowers, wall lamp.

Ceiling lamp, Loti Branch.

Wall lamp, Branch with three lotus flowers.

Climber with flowers “Luma” wall lamp.

Ceiling and wall lamp with Flowers “Luma”

Tree with lotus flowers, wall lamp.

Lotus Flower, wall lamp

Wall lamp Lotus Flower with hangers

Ceiling lamp with purple lotus flower and green leaves

Ceiling with Lotus flower, leaves and butterflies.

Flower “Luma” wall lamp

Daisy ceiling

Wall lamp, light framework.

Wall lamp, branch of roses.

Wall lamp, climbing branch with 5 points light.

Ceiling lamp, flower with three leveling spotlights.

Coat hook shaped tree.

Tree hanger with mirror

Tree hanger

Coat stand

Branch hangers

Mirror decorated with flowers and leaves

Wrought iron gate with 5 doors.

Console in wrought iron with accommodation for glass shelf and decorations in mulberry paper.

The bench of three seats

Screen 3 doors, decorated with leaves

Wrought iron railing

Floral wrought iron chair.

wrought iron headboard – Wall decoration for the head of the bed

Wrought iron headboard – Wall decoration for the head of the bed

Magnetic decoration fish shaped

Bird shape magnetic decoration

Yellow Whale – Magnetic decoration fish shaped.

Green Whale – Magnetic decoration in the shape of fish

Harlequin Whale – Magnetic decoration in the shape of fish

OrangeBird – Magnetic bird shape decoration