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How a LampaDani product is created


My work takes place in 2 macro-phases:
design and making.

Designing is mainly about customizations while to create new shapes very often I start from an idea in my head and try to shape it directly with iron and paper.


The design phase, in which I use graphic editing software to come up with photomontages and sketches for clients that summarize my and their ideas.

I usually use as the background of these designs, precisely the photos of the spaces that will actually accommodate my creation. This way I have the opportunity to show the client what the final result will be and make the appropriate changes to achieve the best result.


The realization phase, which takes place almost exclusively in the workshop, is undoubtedly the most enjoyable part of my work.

I begin the work by drawing it in its actual proportions on the workshop floor and creating the main parts using (most often) tubular iron of various diameters.

Once the structure is created, I take care of the details, and once all the iron parts are completed, I clean the welds. This is followed by painting, which I do by brush using rustproof paints and enamels, and this concludes the work that takes place inside the workshop proper.

At this point I move on to the part of the workshop where I do the decorating: at this stage the previously made and painted skeletons are decorated with paper, I fill in any “gaps” of petals, leaves or other various details to be decorated, cut out the excess and clean up the cuts.

Everything is ready for the resin treatment, which I apply to both sides with a brush. The resin is water-based, air-drying and imparts body and luster to the surface of the paper. It also impregnates the paper, making it incapable of absorbing anything else.
This allows the surface treated with the resin to be washed, using any type of product normally used for household cleaning or with plain water. This allows the surface treated with the resin to be washed, using any type of product normally used for household cleaning or with plain water.

It remains to do the final touches and make the electrical installation. This phase, as required by European legislation, was subjected to verifications performed by a specialized technical laboratory, which certified that my creations meet these parameters, thus giving me the right to apply the CE mark. During the laboratory verifications, the flammability of the resin-treated paper was also tested: it, too, passed the verifications, an indispensable parameter for obtaining the mark.

The electrical system is extremely simple, defined as “class II,” and is made in accordance with the characteristics of the country of destination.

Light color, powers and illumination

The bulb is not included in my creations for multiple reasons.


One lux is equal to one lumen fract one square meter.
If I have a 4×4-meter living room and want to light it with a 10-watt led lamp:
lumens divided by square meters = lux 900 : 16 = 56.25 lux insufficient!
Will need at least 3 10 watt led lamps 2700 : 16 = 168.75

Lumen (luminous flux) Incandescent lamps Halogen lamps Fluoresecent low-consumption lamps Led
200-300 lumen 30 watt 20 watt 6-7 watt 4 watt
400-500 lumen 40 watt 35 watt 8 watt 5 watt
600-800 lumen 60 watt 50 watt 10 watt 8 watt
900-1100 lumen 80 watt 70 watt 20 watt 10-12 watt
Lifetim 1 year 1-3 years 6-10 years 15-25 years
% Energy saving 0% 35% 75% 90-05%

These are the illuminance values per square meter generally recommended for the various rooms in the house:

  • living room: 150 – 200 lux
  • kitchen: 200 – 250 lux
  • bedroom: 100 – 150 lux
  • study: 300 lux
  • bathroom: 100 – 150 lux
  • hallways, stairs: 50 – 100 lux
  • garages, cellars, attics: 50 -100 lux

Customize your LampaDani

All my creations are made by hand, so it is no problem to make 100% customized designs.


If you have seen a creation that you like but would like to modify in some way (colors and/or sizes), you can email me at with the photo or code of the lamp you like and directions regarding the changes you would like to make. We suggest you consult our color chart below and tell us the color code you prefer.

If you have a particular design in mind but can’t find anything similar, send me your drawing or an inspiration photo and describe what you would like at I will analyze your idea and propose some solutions; even if the style you have in mind is different from mine it is not a problem, I will be happy to create your design. So go ahead, expose your ideas to me!

Finally, if you want a custom design for a room in your home, send me some photos of the space you wish to furnish at along with the main measurements of the room ( width, height, depth). I will be happy to create for you (without obligation and free of charge) photomontages in which you will be able to see some design solutions with corresponding estimates. Following your confirmation to the final design, I will get to work! Remember that in addition to lighting products, I also make accessories such as mirrors, consoles, clocks, coat racks, chairs, bed heads, tables, railings and much more.


Choose the shade you prefer and tell us the color codes in your custom request!

You can also download the color chart in PDF format


Construction time can vary depending on the complexity of the project.

I generally need about 4 to 6 weeks to complete medium-sized items, such as floor lamps with 1 or 2 flowers.

As for table lamps, on average I need about 3 weeks.

However, you will find a section on lead time in your estimate. During the process I will send you photographs to update you on the status of the project and to see if you like the work. Once the finished work is approved, we can proceed with the final steps: payment, through PayPal or bank transfer, and shipping.

I ship worldwide with secure packaging and along with the lamp (inside the box or via e-mail) you will also receive instructions for assembly and maintenance.


Do you ship your products worldwide?

Sure! I ship all over Europe and the rest of the world!

Information about shipping costs are available on our On Line Shop or you can write us at

What about the safety of your shipping?

The end result is an object that is very light, elastic and removable. All this, combined with good packaging allows the safe shipment of my creations. However, the shipment is always insured for its full value.

Please take a look at the video we made to show you how we package our products.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times may vary according to the purchase order.

For example, in order to create a table lamp, delivery time is about 3 weeks, while for floor lamps or other bigger objects delivery time is about 5/6 weeks.

For all the “special objects”, which have unique dimensions or additional details, delivery time are assessed from time to time. Our workshop in Pistoia houses also an exhibition space about 150 sqm large, where many different lamps are ready for purchase. If you are in a hurry, please let us know; we’ll be glad to send you pictures of lamps we already have, which recall your demands.

Features and care

È semplice montare i vostri prodotti?

Assolutamente sì, si può riassumere in:

3 fasi per le lampade da tavolo

  1. Estrai tutto il contenuto della scatola e rimuovi i vari strati di imballaggio
  2. Posiziona il fiore sul porta lampada
  3. Blocca il fiore avvitando la ghiera sul porta lampada

4 fasi per le lampade da terra

  1. Estrai tutto il contenuto della scatola e rimuovi i vari strati di imballaggio
  2. Ricomponi i gambi
  3. Posiziona i fiori sui porta lampada
  4. Blocca i fiori avvitando le ghiere sul porta lampada

A questo punto non ti resta che avvitare la lampadina e collegare la lampada alla presa della corrente!

Guarda questo video per vedere l’operazione completa:

Can I customize colors?

Yes, you can! Please check our Colors chart

and write your choice at

You can also download the color chart in PDF format

What are your lamps made of?

My creations are entirely hand-made.

A metal structure is covered by a full colored, glossy and transparent cover made with mulberry paper. The iron is called fired iron (or soft iron) and has the property of being very ductile and flexible, thus enabling many types of cold working.
The paper is treated with special resins which make it glass-like and similar to plastic coated materials.

In this way the paper surface becomes smooth and waterproof, as well as more robust than ordinary paper.

How could your lamps be cleaned?

Maintenance is very simple:

generally for usual maintenance we suggest the use of a feather duster or a rag or any other tool used to remove dust. For a more thorough cleaning we suggest to use a damp cloth or a well-wrung sponge.

Could the lamps catch fire?

If you think about paper and the heat produced by light bulbs, our lamps may seem easily subject to combustion, but luckily this is not the case.

The CE marking certifies that our creations wiring complies with European law, attesting also the heat resistance
and flammability of vitrified paper parts.

(Yes – this is one of the most Frequently Asked Questions!)

How much light they make? Is there a limit to the light bulb voltage?

Lighting power depends first from the light bulb power (expressed in lumen) and secondly from the paper color and the shape of the lampshade.

For example, a flower shape like the one of the “Lotus” model leaves the light bulb visible, releasing all the lighting power. A shape that envelops the light bulb completely, like the one of the “Blossom” model, reduces the lighting power while reaching a better diffusion.

Surely also the “Blossom” model is open to work as main light surce. It will be enough to chose a bright color for the paper covering. In the end, our lamps are compatible with any light bulb available for purchase, as long as the fitting is the same.

I use E14 fittings for the majority of the desk lamps, and E27 fittings for the other types (floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps). To obtain a higher ligthing power we may just create a lamp with multiple point lights, even in a single flower shape.

I live abroad, can I connect the lamp to an electric grid with a different potential than Italy?

Sure, since all lamps are provided with the befitting wiring for the country they are shipped to.

in order to power your lamp, you would need only the light bulb.