Floor lamp – Tree of light – Lamp sculpture


A sculptural lamp in the shape of a Tree,handcrafted in Italy, which is part of a special collection inspired by the Art Nouveau style.

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Each LampaDani product is made by hand. The Tree is a very intricate and time-consuming creation, so it will be shipped within 60 days from the time of purchase.

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The Tree of Light is made from wrought iron and mulberry paper


Its dimensions are: Height 190 cm, Width 100 cm, Depth 100 cm.

It has a total of 10 lamp holders: 2 E27 in the trunk, 3 in the crown and 5 E14 in the waning flowers.
The waning flowers from the crown measure 20 cm in diameter.


The lamp will be shipped disassembled into 15 parts, you will have a complete guide dedicated to assembling each part.
I designed and made each element to be reassembled in the simplest and most intuitive way possible, also making the experience of assembly part of the work itself: starting with the roots, the base to which the trunk is attached, and moving on to the crown, from which the illuminated flowers will hang.


The tree will be equipped with electrical equipment appropriate to the destination country.
Bulbs will not be included but you will receive information that will be helpful in deciding which wattage and color will be best for your environment and the atmosphere you wish to create.


Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the lamp will be made in the same colors visible in the reference pictures.
The colors used to make this lamp are:

  • Color 75, 58 and 56 for the trunk
  • Color 66, 62 and 72U for the canopy and leaves
  • Color 14+11, 30+35, A45+46, 25+22 for flowers
  • The structure will be painted ANTHRACITE GREY.


Project history

In 2010, I participated for the first time in the XXX EDITION OF ARTISTS’ LIVE CISON OF VALMARINO, participants were required to create a work that would be evaluated by a committee.

I immediately thought of making a creation that would encapsulate the 10 years of experience accumulated up to that point.

The choice of form was simple: trees, besides being fascinating plants, are also symbols charged with meaning, capable of stirring up a great deal of different suggestions in the observer.


As with most of the creations I make, I did not prepare any drawings or plans for the creation of the tree of light.

I firmly believe that the creative act is something like releasing a channel of communication, generating silence so that we can listen better.

Since it was the first creation I was making with those characteristics, I began the making of the tree by dealing only with one phase at a time: The trunk, then the crown and root, the various covers and all other aspects.

Il risultato finale fu inatteso, ero molto soddisfatto di ciò che avevo creato ma ciò che maggiormente mi stupì furono le reazioni di tutti coloro che lo osservavano e che ne rimanevano incantati.

This was probably what happened to the committee called to evaluate the works of the various artists and awarded the tree the first prize!

It was a great honor for me to receive that recognition, it was like being rewarded for the effort invested in the previous years of work, a wonderful reinvigoration of self-esteem and a confirmation that I was doing well what I wanted to do.

But it doesn’t end there because following the award ceremony I uploaded the photo of the tree to the LampaDani website and social media and it was a success even then; in a short time the image of this creation went around the world, has been shared by so many users, and so many others have taken cues and inspiration from it for their own works, such as Emilie who took advantage of shapes and colors to create the draft of her dress or as a She, who created a wallpaper where a frog shields itself from the rain with an umbrella in the shape of a light tree.

Tutta questa condivisione mi fa sentire parte di qualcosa di grande, enorme, definibile come creatività collettiva.

L’albero della luce rappresenta tutto questo, oltre ad essere il posto più appropriato per un nido!

prize winned by the Tree shaped Floor lamp

Award ceremony


August 6, 2010

How it will come home to you

The box will measure approximately 120 centimeters in height and 50 centimeters on each side.

Every single part of the tree is carefully packed, I anchor the bulkier and heavier parts to the walls of the box using plastic ties, this ensures that even if the box is tipped over during transport, no part inside will be able to move, thus preventing rubbing or crushing.

Surely, before you receive the box, you have already seen the instructional video, consequently you already have a rough idea of what you will find inside. Once you have extracted the contents of the box, you will need to remove all the layers of bubble wrap put on to protect each part, at which point you will have in front of you all the elements (of which you can see a preview in the photos): the assembly phase begins!

The operation is quick and simple, and it is a job that can be done in 30 minutes, but it is only fair for everyone to take as much time as they deem necessary. Maybe you might need to go back and review some of the steps in the guide, plus you can also count on my live help on the phone!

Una volta assemblate tutte le parti non vi resta che collegarlo alla rete elettrica e godervi il vostro lavoro.

Tree shaped Floor lamp

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